Malta LIFE+ Migrate 2014

During the summer periods of 2013 to 2016, KAI's team of scientists will be studying the distribution, abundance and habitat of dolphin and marine turtle populations in the waters surrounding Malta with the goal of improving their conservation status. You too can join them to experience the majesty and excitement of these wonderful creatures, the wind and waves of the Mediterranean, the mysteries of the islands of Malta, and new friends!

An ambitious research campaign through the seas of Malta

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In the summer of 2014 KAI’s team of scientists will again be studying the conservation status and behaviour of dolphins and marine turtles in the spectacular Maltese waters, contributing to improve their conservation status. 

If you have a passion for adventure and enjoy experiencing authentic sensations, you can also join this unique crew, participating as a volunteer in any of 7 days long research expeditions. You will learn observation and tracking techniques for cetaceans and turtles, as well as basic navigation skills. The sound of the wind and the waves, and the enriching discovery of surprising travel mates will make you feel on board of one million stars hotel. 



A financial contribution to survey cost of €980 per person and expedition is a requisite to join the crew. This contribution is intended to share the navigation costs amongst all expeditioners, including: Navigation days and cabin boarding / breakfast, lunch and dinner on board / necessary research equipment / basic accident insurance.

Previous navigation experience is not necessary to join the crew. On the other hand, photography and computer skills, some technical understanding and a good sense of humour are all extremely valuable assets. KAI requires that all crew members show the outmost respect for the cultural values and natural resources of the areas we visit. It is important to emphasize that the research vessel is a work-space where the crew functions as a team, whereby every crew member participates fully both in the research and in life on board.

Ask for flexibility in dates. 

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All expeditions begin and end at the historic port of Valletta, the capital of the Republic of Malta. Malta Offshore ends at the Spanish shore.

Expedición KAI Malta 2013

KAI Expeditions Malta 2014

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